Heat Pumps Repair in Cypress, Texas

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A heat pump is a device that moves heat from one place to another, using a relatively small amount of energy. It can pull heat inside or outside a home or office. It can therefore function in both warming and cooling of a given space. We make available all kinds of heat pumps in Cypress, TX.

Over the last decade, heat pumps have become very popular. From environmentalists to sufferers of allergies, and those seeking lower energy costs, everyone is singing the praises of this piece of equipment. Why all the praise? What does a heat pump actually do?

What Does A Heat Pump Do?

  • A heat pump warms your home.
  • It cools an area.
  • It prevents condensation.
  • It improves air quality.

Your heat pump needs to function well to do all the above. We provide the best heat pumps in Spring, TX.

Five Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

  • Higher Electric Costs.
  • Strange Noises.
  • Both Cooling and Heating Not Available.
  • Odd Smells.
  • Short Cycling.

For maintenance and repair of your heat pumps in Cypress, TX, give us a call. We’re also experts in heater installation and have been into heater repair in Spring, TX, and heater maintenance in Houston, for many years.

Heat Pump Lifespan

Most heat pumps can have a useful life of about 15 years. While newer products seem to have a longer lifespan, degree of use and regular maintenance are other factors that can affect how long your heat pump serves you efficiently.

Your heat pump is a versatile and hardworking piece of equipment. However, it can’t do all the work alone. It needs help. You should provide that help by having it maintained or repaired. For assistance regarding your heat pump, contact us to benefit from our many years of experience working on heat pumps in Cypress, TX.

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