HVAC System Sizing – Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better

When deciding on a new HVAC system the size of the setup must be taken into careful consideration. Here at Crossway Mechanical we apply the Goldilocks principle to all our installations, a system shouldn’t be too small or too large, that’s the reason we aim to get it just right! The sun is just the right size to make our atmosphere habitable, if it were any larger we’d cook, if it was smaller we’d freeze. Think of your HVAC system as the sun and the air inside as our atmosphere, we need a system just the right size to keep us comfortable.

Undersized HVAC Systems

An undersized system simply won’t be cut out to heat your home/business. Think of a hatchback engine in an 18 wheeler, it may run for a while but it won’t perform well and will most likely need replacing very soon. Similarly, an undersized HVAC system will not be able to adequately heat and cool and will need to be repaired or replaced far sooner than an appropriately sized system.

Oversized HVAC Systems

It may be less obvious, but an oversized HVAC system can also present a multitude of problems. Although powerful, an oversized system will not cool or heat properly just like an undersized one. The excess power leads to rapid heating and cooling which causes the machine to shut off and on excessively. This is called short-cycling and will have a detrimental effect to your air quality, resulting in high levels of humidity and pollutants which can lead to indoor air quality issues.

Getting It Just Right!

Our experienced professionals here at Crossway Mechanical use a number of industry-standard calculations to determine the perfect sized HVAC system for your space. We take into account much more than the size of the property. Factors which must be considered include but are not limited to; how many people use the place, the type of insulation used in the walls and roof, the size and orientation of the windows and how air tight the building is.

Rest assured that Crossway Mechanical will get you the best-sized system for your needs which will run smoothly for many years to come. For more information please call us on (832) 250-6191.