Heat Pumps in Houston, TX

Providing summer coolness and winter warmth, heat pumps in Houston, TX are the perfect solution for every season. The most practical HVAC services solution, heat pumps in Houston, TX, keep utility bills low all year round

Heat pumps in Houston, TX, are a budget-friendly HVAC solution

Powered by Mother Nature, heat pumps in Houston, TX provide low-cost coolness in summer while keeping homes toasty during the colder months. Warming or cooling homes, depending on the season, heat pump systems mean that only one HVAC system needs maintenance and repair.

Versatile heat pumps for year-round heating and cooling

Exchanging heat between indoor and outdoor air, heat pumps are the perfect option for the southern USA, with generally warm temperatures. Operating, either way, they can expel indoor heat or warm chilly rooms by drawing heat from the air.

At their most energy-efficient in mild winters, heat pumps use relatively small amounts of electricity, so they are much less expensive to operate than furnaces. And when temperatures soar, they are still cheaper to run than conventional AC systems.

For many southern families, another major advantage is that only one system is needed, instead of separate air conditioning and heating equipment.

How to extend heat pump lifespan

The downside of having only one HVAC system is that it works all year round. This is why half-yearly maintenance calls are crucial for preventing problems before they even appear.

Dirt-clogged filters need changing every few months, as they force HVAC systems to work harder and at higher air pressures. Airflows should be unobstructed by fabric or furniture, with vents and registers cleaned regularly.

Outdoors, dirt and garden debris should be gently brushed or hosed off the condenser, lessening the chances of mechanical breakdowns. Weather tape quickly seals ill-fitting doors and drafty windows. By blocking cooled or heated air outflows, ensures that all energy consumption is translated into comfort, without overburdening delicate equipment.

Give your heat pump a break

Whenever the house is empty for a few hours, leaving the HVAC system on standby can help extend its working life, with fewer repairs. There’s no need to control temperatures manually, as a smart thermostat can be programmed to bring indoor air temperatures to comfortable levels by the time family members start arriving home.

Perhaps the easiest way to keep HVAC costs down, half-yearly tune-ups are a must. By cleaning, tightening and replacing small parts, preventive maintenance avoids minor problems ballooning into expensive disasters.

Expert advice on heat pumps in Houston, TX

Thanks to ongoing education courses, the Crossway Mechanical staff is fully qualified to work with cutting-edge heat pump technology. After twenty years serving the Northwest Greater Houston community, its technicians are familiar with all the benefits of this equipment, which is well-suited to the Texas climate.

Steered by the highest standards of honesty, fairness and integrity, its technicians have all the expertise needed to the best indoor air quality, keeping families and small businesses happy and healthy throughout the year.