Heater Installation in Cypress TX

In Texas winter tends to sneak up on us! Which means it gives our heaters quite the scare. Just because they only have to run two to three months a year that doesn’t mean they are any less important than your AC.

Your family’s safety and comfort are a great concern for us when the seasons change. An improperly maintained heater can cause more damage than you realize.

Needing Heater Installation in Cypress, TX?

Doesn’t it just figure, you run your AC all year, now that it’s time to turn the heat on you find yourself in the midst of a funny odor along with a strange sound. More than likely your heater is out of date and needs replacing. For heater installation in Cypress TX call on Crossway Mechanical.

Can I get by with just a heater repair?

Maybe you’ll get lucky and just the motor needs replaced. Maybe your ducts just need a good cleaning and polishing. No matter what needs done, we can handle your heater repair.

It’s very important to keep up with your heater maintenance in Cypress and beyond

We always recommend dusting your vents to keep extra dust and dirt from clogging up your ducts. For your family’s safety you’ll want to keep up with your heater’s maintenance. Keep your filters changed regularly, it also helps to maintain the housing for the filter. Those little bunches of dust are harmful in more ways than just catching on fire when coming into contact with a live wire.

Your comfort is Important to us at Crossway Mechanical

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