System Performance: Rated vs Delivered

System Performance: Total (Rated) System Output VS Delivered Output

The performance of your HVAC system is bound to affect a plethora of aspects in your home or business. Even if the system is partly malfunctioning, you are going to have to deal with mild to severe repercussions on property health to energy efficiency and everything in between. That said, we must take into account that the performance of your HVAC system is just one of the factors that come into play in this scenario. Your system may as well be producing the rated output just fine, but the actual delivered end result may differ due to other reasons. Some of them may be under your control, while others may not.

Factors Affecting Thermal Comfort

There are several factors influencing the so-called thermal comfort. You don’t have to be an engineer to fully grasp this concept. You already know more than you can imagine about thermal comfort from your daily life experience. For example, you know that physical exertion causes you to sweat. You also know that you tend to feel more comfortable in a cool space if you wear a jacket. You have already observed first-hand how the heat emanating from a fire can keep you comfortable and warm when you need it the most. Consequently, you have experience of the 7 things that affect thermal comfort. These are split into 3 distinct categories, individual, personal and environmental.


  • Expectation


  • Clothing
  • Activity level


  • Air temperature
  • Radiant temperature
  • Speed of air
  • Humidity level

Whether or not your HVAC system is working at its optimal capacity you need to be aware of how this may affect your indoor air quality, the health of your property, the need for maintenance, energy efficiency and last but not least the comfort of all occupants.

If you would like to ensure top-tier HVAC system performance follow this short guide:

  • Always follow best practices and protocols
  • Keep track of your maintenance schedule
  • Conduct system inspections in regular intervals
  • Clean your equipment before you observe any malfunctions
  • Do not neglect filter changes
  • Do not forget to have a professional calibrate your system
  • Service your equipment when you need to

The indoor air quality experts at Crossway Mechanical are here to provide you with several solutions when it comes to optimizing the performance of your HVAC system. Our highly trained technicians can also help with HVAC Maintenance in Tomball, The Woodlands, Spring, TX, and surrounding areas, as well as any potential emergency response in critical home comfort situations. For more information about our services or to schedule a visit call us today on (832) 250-6191.

Repairing VS Replacing Your HVAC System

Repairing VS Replacing Your HVAC System

Your cooling system rarely gets the praise it truly deserves. When everything is working fine, you don’t pay attention. When things start to go downhill, you finally start to notice. Your furnaces and your ACs are responsible for blessing you with impeccable home comfort whenever you need it the most. Regardless of the temperature or the time of year, you can easily switch it on and off at will, knowing for a fact that it will set the record straight and allow you to relax in your home after a hard day’s work.

If you think that everything is working just fine, yet you are still trying to deal with too low temperatures in the winter or too high temperatures in the summer then you know it’s time for HVAC maintenance. You wouldn’t want to replace your whole system when you can fix things for a fraction of the cost, that’s the reason why it’s important to carry out a professional evaluation in advance.

Financial Tip: Investigate Whether Or Not You Can Rectify The Situation With Repairs

Below, we will try to put things in perspective for you by deciphering the main signs that lead to HVAC replacement, as well as things to look out for that may point to a situation that’s 100% repairable.

You Probably Need To Replace Your System If:

  • Your energy bills are getting higher and higher every month. If you feel like you’re paying more for your home comfort than you used to pay in the past, then it’s probably time to replace your old unit with a new one. Sure, as systems get older they are bound to get more inefficient. But if the increase in energy bills is disproportionate then it might be cheaper for you to get a brand new, more efficient unit.
  • It’s already been in use for more than 10 years. All good things in life come to an end, and your HVAC system couldn’t possibly be an exception to this rule. If your system has been serving you well for more than 12 years, chances are it will start to malfunction more often than usual. You could go ahead and fix the malfunction but you are more than likely to be facing a similar issue the next season. As wear and tear makes its unforgiving mark, you need to be able to calculate if repair costs overweight replacement costs.
  • Your system is failing to do its job. In this category we shouldn’t forget to mention any potential safety hazards that you may encounter. In case you feel that some of the rooms in your home rarely get as comfortable as they should be, you’re probably having an underperforming HVAC system in your hands. Combined with the rest of the points mentioned above, system replacement might be warranted. The demands of your home should have remained stable throughout the years, and aging definitely takes its toll.

You Might Just Need To Repair Your System If:

  • You never missed your yearly maintenances. Yearly maintenance is key if we want to get the most out of our system’s expected lifespan. If you’ve always abided by this golden rule, you really shouldn’t have to deal with any major issues or malfunctions. Tuning up your unit in regular intervals, cleaning it of dust, dirt and debris always pays you back in dividends.
  • You’ve thoroughly checked your ducts. Some of the times you might be dealing with duct issues, instead of problems within your HVAC unit. You wouldn’t really know unless you have a trained professional to check your ductwork. It’s interesting to note that 15-25% of air leaks occur even before the air arrives to your home or office. As a result a ductwork check can save you a considerable sum of money.
  • It’s been in operation for less than ten years. Taking into account the age of your HVAC system when you are about to decide whether it’s time to replace or repair is of paramount importance. Industry leaders suggest that the average expected lifespan of a system is around 10-15 years. By this time, it’s probably cheaper to have it replaced than constantly pay lots of money on repairs. Prior to 10 years, you should be dealing with minor fixes that won’t cost a fortune.

Still Unsure? Talk To Us

It goes without saying that your best bet is to consult with an HVAC professional before you take the plunge and invest in a new HVAC system. Your cooling and heating system sure isn’t one of the most thrilling parts of your home but it sure does make a huge difference on the way you feel, and the way you experience your daily life. Give our team a call today on (832) 250-6191 and restore your peace of mind.

New HVAC System Cost In 2019

New HVAC System Cost In 2019

For all of you who have been following our blog regularly, you probably already know that we’ve built our reputation in the local HVAC industry by giving you ultimate peace of mind and adhering to the highest of home comfort standards at all times.

The question that we will try to answer for you in this blog is an all-time classic. There shouldn’t be any other question on the face of this Earth that makes people more anxious than asking how much is the cost of a brand new HVAC installation?

Asking About Installation Costs Is Like Asking How Much Is The Cost Of A New Car

For better or worse, most HVAC contractors out there keep their AC installation costs a closely guarded secret. Which, in and of itself, is weird because knowing this kind of pricing is not likely to change the decision of prospective buyers when they absolutely have to buy a new AC unit. What we can swear by is the fact that the fair cost of an AC or furnace installation in Tomball, The Woodlands, Spring, TX, and surrounding areas depends on a variety of factors. We will examine each one in turn right below.

A Quick Note: Do Not Buy A New Unit Until After You’ve Tried To Troubleshoot Your Current Cooling or Heating Equipment

Type of Unit

There are really countless options out there when it comes to the specific type of HVAC unit you want installed in your home or business (single stage, 2 stage and variable speed options, heat pump, mini-split, etc etc). Each type of system comes with a different set of installation requirements that vary.

The Size Of Your Property

Now that you already know how HVAC systems come in different shapes and sizes and how this invariably affects the installation costs, you should know that the square footage of the property you are looking to heat or cool plays a major role in the cost. Let’s take cooling systems for example. What one must take into account here is the unit’s ability to cool your home or office. This is usually measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). Put simply, the larger your home, the greater the BTUs.

How Difficult Is The Project

Things like blown-in installation, small, difficult to reach attics and other factors like for example the potential need for construction work to install ducts all play a massive role in determining the price you’ll eventually pay for your new HVAC installation.

What Brand You Want Your Unit To Be

It goes without saying that there’s a plethora of HVAC brands out there, some of them being more economical than others. This will affect your installation cost. One good rule of thumb that’s useful here is that the HVAC contractor you will choose to install your unit is more important than the brand you’ll choose, so whatever you do choose wisely.

Want To Know What’s Obstructing Your Airflow? Here’s The Answer

Want To Know What’s Obstructing Your Airflow? Here’s The Answer

If you’ve been following our blog on a regular basis, chances are you already know that maintaining your cooling system is key. You may have recently bought an air conditioner, but you are already facing ventilation and airflow problems? Don’t worry, it’s normal sometimes. And maybe it’s not your AC’s fault after all. Let’s examine some of the potential causes below:

Blocked filters

Their role is to ensure clean air is released from your AC. When your filters are congested, dirt and debris get stuck in there resulting in severe air blockages, which invariably affect the airflow in your home or office. When was the last time you replaced your dusty filter? Make sure to replace them regularly for optimal results.

Poor maintenance

You have your AC set on high, yet lately you have been noticing warmer air coming out of your equipment. This is one of the most commonly faced problems across the board. Your AC is possibly leaking refrigerant causing a decrease in system efficiency.

Your AC Is Larger Than Your Property

A big air conditioning unit is not necessarily the best option for your unique needs. ACs tailored for bigger spaces cannot run efficiently in smaller ones due to extra-speedy cooling which doesn’t allow time for humidity removal. This results in a heavy and stale atmosphere.

Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat’s job is to continuously monitor the temperature of your home. According to the preset temperature, it regulates the function of your cooling system and quickly lowers the room temperature while ensuring minimal energy consumption.

Poor Comfort Delivery System

Your ductwork is responsible for delivering the conditioned air to all the spaces that need it for your home to be comfortable. Your system’s equipment should be designed and sized to deliver enough heating or cooling to keep your home comfortable at all times. Your duct system must be designed to carry and effectively deliver the conditioned air and when it’s not, you will have hot and cold spots, lose efficiency and shorten the life of your equipment.

If you want to ensure proper airflow is being distributed effectively, get in touch with some of the best HVAC experts in the local area here at Crossway Mechanical. Give our team a call today on (832) 250-6191.

How To Choose The Best HVAC Contractor For Your Unique Needs

How To Choose The Best HVAC Contractor For Your Unique Needs

Whether you are replacing an existing HVAC system, buying for the first time or looking for a reliable maintenance service, you will need to find the right HVAC contractor for your needs. Here we will discuss some of the factors you should consider when looking for the best HVAC contractor in your local area.


Your HVAC contractor should be really passionate when it comes to providing the greatest possible efficiency for your system. A highly efficient HVAC system is kinder to both the environment as well as your wallet, and is less likely to suffer breakdowns, thus saving you time and inconvenience in the long run. Ask us at Crossway Mechanical about getting Energy-star rated equipment. Energy-Star is a US government run program to certify HVAC efficiency levels.

Follow Recommendations

We have proudly provided the NW Houston area with HVAC services for over two decades. We’re happy to say we’ve left hundreds if not thousands of very happy customers, who have remained good friends for many years. A simple google search will show over a hundred reviews with an average of 4.9/5 stars. Another option when searching for HVAC services reviews is finding word of mouth recommendations, asking friends and family about their experiences. We found that a large amount of our business comes from satisfied customers recommending our services to friends and loved ones. We feel that this is a far more reliable endorsement than any roadside billboard or newspaper advert.

Years Of Experience And Licensing

Hiring an HVAC contractor who has proved their mettle in the industry time and time again is a surefire way to avoid any potential issues down the road. That is not to say that newer HVAC companies are guaranteed to fail at the job. It simply means that experience tends to pay folks back in dividends.

HVAC systems are a necessity, but the initial costs are high compared to most other things in your home or business. You must be confident that your contractor will install or maintain your system safely and to a high standard.

Here at Crossway Mechanical we place your needs above everything else. Our mission is to bring a new era of comfort into your home, one where your utilities are lower than ever before, your indoor air quality is safe, healthy and your comfort is at an all-time high. Get in touch with us today on (832) 250-6191.

Get Your Allergies Under Control With Top-Notch Indoor Air Quality

Get Your Allergies Under Control With Top-Notch Indoor Air Quality

Asthma, hay-fever and other allergies negatively affect the lives of millions of Americans every year. Those of us who suffer with such conditions use countless antihistamines, inhalers and other medications to combat this. It is relatively unknown that HVAC systems play a considerable role in alleviating the symptoms for sufferers of asthma, hay-fever and other allergies.

HVAC filters out the allergens which cause and aggravate such symptoms in your home or workplace, thus improving your overall health and wellbeing. Here at Crossway Mechanical we can help you decide on which HVAC system is correct for your unique needs.

Invisible Airborne Allergens

Household allergens are almost completely invisible to the human eye, but they affect allergy and asthma sufferers greatly. The majority of airborne allergens found in your home or business are; dust mites, pollen, roach droppings and mold. Your HVAC system will greatly reduce the concentration of these allergens in your home by trapping them in the system’s filter. It is important to have your HVAC system regularly maintained, as an overused filter will not work properly. An unmaintained HVAC system can gather mildew and mold which is often fed back into your indoor air which would inevitably worsen any allergy symptoms.

Getting The Right Filter

If you are an allergy or asthma sufferer, here at Crossway Mechanical we can provide you with the right filters to alleviate your symptoms and work with your HVAC system. The best filters for dealing with allergens and pollutants are HEPA filters which have a very high-efficiency rating. HEPA filters are great, but they will not work in every system. A high-efficiency filter will put excessive strain on some systems leading to reduced performance, but we are here to set the record straight for you.

You shouldn’t have to suffer from allergies and asthma at home, elevate your indoor air quality and home comfort in Tomball, The Woodlands, Spring, TX, and surrounding areas by calling us on (832) 250-6191, starting today.

HVAC System Sizing – Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better

HVAC System Sizing – Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better

When deciding on a new HVAC system the size of the setup must be taken into careful consideration. Here at Crossway Mechanical we apply the Goldilocks principle to all our installations, a system shouldn’t be too small or too large, that’s the reason we aim to get it just right! The sun is just the right size to make our atmosphere habitable, if it were any larger we’d cook, if it was smaller we’d freeze. Think of your HVAC system as the sun and the air inside as our atmosphere, we need a system just the right size to keep us comfortable.

Undersized HVAC Systems

An undersized system simply won’t be cut out to heat your home/business. Think of a hatchback engine in an 18 wheeler, it may run for a while but it won’t perform well and will most likely need replacing very soon. Similarly, an undersized HVAC system will not be able to adequately heat and cool and will need to be repaired or replaced far sooner than an appropriately sized system.

Oversized HVAC Systems

It may be less obvious, but an oversized HVAC system can also present a multitude of problems. Although powerful, an oversized system will not cool or heat properly just like an undersized one. The excess power leads to rapid heating and cooling which causes the machine to shut off and on excessively. This is called short-cycling and will have a detrimental effect to your air quality, resulting in high levels of humidity and pollutants which can lead to indoor air quality issues.

Getting It Just Right!

Our experienced professionals here at Crossway Mechanical use a number of industry-standard calculations to determine the perfect sized HVAC system for your space. We take into account much more than the size of the property. Factors which must be considered include but are not limited to; how many people use the place, the type of insulation used in the walls and roof, the size and orientation of the windows and how air tight the building is.

Rest assured that Crossway Mechanical will get you the best-sized system for your needs which will run smoothly for many years to come. For more information please call us on (832) 250-6191.

Just How Important Is HVAC Maintenance At The End Of The Day?

Just How Important Is HVAC Maintenance At The End Of The Day?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems exist to provide us with optimum indoor temperature, humidity and air quality. For these systems to continue performing to suit our needs, proper care and maintenance must be carried out periodically. A fully functioning HVAC system will provide comfort at home or work and regular maintenance will ensure it continues to do so year after year, whenever you need it the most.

Long Term Savings

A full HVAC system requires a considerable up-front cost, but your system could last well over a decade if it is looked after. Essentially, the better maintained your HVAC system the longer you will be able to go without having to replace it. It may be tempting to skip proper HVAC maintenance and save a bit of money in the short term, but these costs are negligible in comparison with the cost of prematurely replacing a poorly maintained system.

Efficiency Savings

Energy efficiency is a key factor in the design and installation of any HVAC system. However, an improperly maintained system will be far less efficient than a well maintained one. Lower efficiency results in greater stress on system making breakdowns or other problems more likely. On average, an unmaintained system has to work around 20 percent harder than a regularly maintained one. This means that more energy is used to achieve the same performance, which means more damage to both the environment and your utility bill!

Health Concerns

A fully functioning HVAC system will keep your indoor temperatures comfortable whether that requires heating or cooling. HVAC systems also regulate air quality providing you and your family or colleagues with healthy air to breathe in your home or business. If a system is not properly maintained the level of air quality will deteriorate. An unmaintained HVAC unit can gather dust, mold, and bacteria which will worsen over time and lead to a range of respiratory problems. A properly maintained system with clean coils and filters will keep your air quality healthy while preventing such issues from taking hold.

If you have any questions when it comes to HVAC maintenance in Tomball, The Woodlands, Spring, TX, and surrounding areas, or would like to book our services, call our friendly and informative team on (832) 250-6191.