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If you want a single unit that takes care of both your cooling and heating needs, a heat pump is what you need. Not only does it get you two birds with one stone, but it’s also safer for your home, consumes less energy, and has a less adverse effect on the environment than other heating or cooling systems.

While heat pumps are beneficial, they are also complex. If you fail to get professional installation for your system, you could get into all sorts of problems. A professional heat pump installation will give you peace of mind, while an amateur job could lead to expensive repairs within a short time. Crossway Mechanical provides professional heat pump installation in Tomball, TX, and beyond.

Property owners in our community trust Crossway Mechanical with all their heat pump installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement needs. You should also, by reaching out to us for professional and budget-friendly heat pump services, Tomball, TX, and surrounding areas.

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What Are The Benefits Of Heat Pump Installation?

Top Benefits Of Professional Heat Pump Repair

Five Common Heat Pump Problems

Along with durable heat pump services in Tomball, TX, and neighboring areas, other services you can get from our teams of experts at Crossway Mechanical, are thermostat, AC, furnace, and heater services.

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If you want a single device that gives your family comfort all year long, you need a heat pump. If you already have one, it needs regular maintenance and may sometimes need repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During heat pump installation in Tomball, TX, you need to consider the climate and landscape of your home. The unit should be installed in an area that receives adequate sunlight for the solar collector. The more sun rays the unit receives, the more efficient it becomes. The location of your home also determines whether you need to worry about shading or not.

Just like any other appliance in your home, you need to plan regular heat pump maintenance in Tomball, TX to ensure that it is running at its peak performance. It is important to clean the evaporator and condenser coils of any debris or dirt. You should also make sure that the unit has enough air flow and is not obstructed in any way. A heat pump that is not properly maintained can decrease efficiency and increase your energy costs.

You can take your heat pump in for regular service and maintenance to ensure that it is running efficiently. At Crossway Mechanical, our technicians clean the coils, check the refrigerant levels and make any necessary repairs as part of heat pump tune up services in Tomball, TX. You should also have your thermostat checked to ensure that it is working properly.

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