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AC Emergency

When you need help with an AC Emergency in Tomball TX and beyond, only the best will do. Call one of the top contractors in your community: Crossway Mechanical!
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As a rule of thumb, AC systems should run silently, unnoticed in the background of your life. But if you become aware of your air conditioner for any reason, this could indicate an AC emergency. Switch the entire system off immediately and see what caught your attention:

For your own peace of mind, don’t hesitate. When you’ve got an AC Emergency in Tomball, TX and nearby areas, Crossway Mechanical always has your back.

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Knowing when it’s time for emergency AC unit repair

Although August is the hottest month in Texas, temperatures can unexpectedly top 90°F from June through September. And when overburdened cooling systems falter, you need a 24-hour emergency AC repair service you can trust.

However, if your cooling system stops working, don’t panic! The answer might be as simple as putting fresh batteries into the thermostat or cleaning blocked vents. On the other hand, a crucial piece of equipment (like the condenser) might have failed.

Coping with an emergency AC unit repair

When an AC emergency strikes, it’s time to contact Crossway Mechanical, for fast expert air conditioning and heating services in Tomball, TX, and nearby areas. On call 24/7, its friendly technicians are trained to handle any emergency AC unit repair.

No matter how big or how small the problem, you can relax, knowing that even emergency AC unit repairs are covered by the Crossway Mechanical guarantee: they are fixed right, or they are free.

Identifying a real AC emergency

When the thermometer tops 90°F and your cooling system won’t work, that’s an AC emergency, for health reasons, even at night and on weekends. However, during the cooler months, it’s smarter to wait until normal business hours, unless vulnerable family members need treated air right around the clock.

At night, on weekends and holidays, after-hours call-outs often involve a premium, and there may be line-ups for emergency AC unit repairs during heat waves. A smart way of avoiding unexpected (and sometimes costly!) repairs is to sign up for a preferred service agreement. In addition to keeping equipment performing at top efficiency, with special discounts on visits and equipment, preferred service customers take priority over non-agreement clients

To avoid damaging delicate HVAC appliances, switch off your cooling system as soon as you notice unusual smells or noises. Then contact us immediately for your 24-hour emergency AC repair!

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When an AC emergency strikes, call the experts at Crossway Mechanical in Tomball, TX, and nearby areas for 24-hour emergency AC repairs: 832-250-6191.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since your air conditioner is not working it is important to find a professional who offers emergency air conditioner repair in Tomball, TX.  Failure to do so may result in your home becoming extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous.

There are a few signs that may indicate the need for emergency A/C repair in Tomball, TX. One of these is if your air conditioner makes unusual sounds. Another indication of a possible problem is if your air conditioner does not seem to be cooling your home. A more obvious sign that some sort of emergency action needs to be taken is if the air conditioner has begun to leak water.

There are many companies that offer 24-hour emergency AC repairs in Tomball, TX. One such company is Crossway Mechanical. Call 832-497-2300 for more information.

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