Cooling Maintenance For Healthier Breathing

AC Maintenance For Healthier Breathing

Did you know that we fill our lungs more than 20,000 times a day? But simply inhaling can trigger allergies and cause respiratory problems, if the air in your workplace or home is dusty, thick with pollen, dander and pet hair, full of chemical contaminants released by cleaning products, paint and glues, or simply grey with nearby traffic fumes. Even more dangerous are pathogens like germs, bacteria and viruses floating in the air – as we all know to our cost, in today’s pandemic-shuttered world. This is why it’s now time to schedule your air conditioning maintenance in Cypress, TX, after weeks of 24/7 confinement.

CDC-compliant calls

As spring moves steadily towards searing summer, homeowners want to feel confident that their cooling systems can cope with the added strains imposed by entire families sheltering in place right around the clock, instead of rooms being empty for much of the day. The best way to ensure indoor comfort during the coming months is to schedule professional AC maintenance in Houston, TX, with a licenced contractor like Crossway Mechanical. There’s no need to worry about our certified technicians entering your premises during quarantine, as they comply with all CDC regulations on social distancing. Even their usual courteous handshakes are temporarily replaced by friendly smiles!

Professionals provide cleaner air

A crucial aspect of gearing up for summer, expert AC maintenance in Spring, TX, makes a huge difference in how well your cooling system copes with that fierce Texas sun. After all, the last thing you need is a breakdown in the middle of a heatwave! Other benefits include better indoor air quality, quieter running, lower utility bills and a longer lifespan.

During calls lasting around an hour, our certified technicians complete a lengthy checklist that ensures thorough AC maintenance in The Woodland, TX. This encompasses the fan and compressor, start capacitors, air flows and register temperatures. Filters are replaced, fins and coils are cleaned and straightened, thermostat calibration is tweaked, piping is inspected for leaks, wiring is checked and connections are tightened. Refrigerant levels are checked, and topped up when necessary. This is when minor defects are noted, which can be repaired quickly and cheaply.  For instance, if a minor refrigerant leak is caught early, it can be fixed. However, if your compressor burns out because the refrigerant level drops too low, a replacement can cost well over a thousand dollars. Finally, the outside units are cleaned, removing dirt and debris through gentle brushing and spraying, while homeowners should trim away surrounding foliage, leaving a clear area at least two feet wide for unobstructed outflows.

Excellent service for healthier homes

The best way to keep your family cool and healthy is to schedule professional air conditioning maintenance in Cypress, TX, reaching out to a licenced contractor you can trust, like Crossway Mechanical. We’re a family business, so call us on (832) 501-3568 and our family will take care of your family.