New HVAC System Cost In 2019

New HVAC System Cost In 2019

For all of you who have been following our blog regularly, you probably already know that we’ve built our reputation in the local HVAC industry by giving you ultimate peace of mind and adhering to the highest of home comfort standards at all times.

The question that we will try to answer for you in this blog is an all-time classic. There shouldn’t be any other question on the face of this Earth that makes people more anxious than asking how much is the cost of a brand new HVAC installation?

Asking About Installation Costs Is Like Asking How Much Is The Cost Of A New Car

For better or worse, most HVAC contractors out there keep their AC installation costs a closely guarded secret. Which, in and of itself, is weird because knowing this kind of pricing is not likely to change the decision of prospective buyers when they absolutely have to buy a new AC unit. What we can swear by is the fact that the fair cost of an AC or furnace installation in Tomball, The Woodlands, Spring, TX, and surrounding areas depends on a variety of factors. We will examine each one in turn right below.

A Quick Note: Do Not Buy A New Unit Until After You’ve Tried To Troubleshoot Your Current Cooling or Heating Equipment

Type of Unit

There are really countless options out there when it comes to the specific type of HVAC unit you want installed in your home or business (single stage, 2 stage and variable speed options, heat pump, mini-split, etc etc). Each type of system comes with a different set of installation requirements that vary.

The Size Of Your Property

Now that you already know how HVAC systems come in different shapes and sizes and how this invariably affects the installation costs, you should know that the square footage of the property you are looking to heat or cool plays a major role in the cost. Let’s take cooling systems for example. What one must take into account here is the unit’s ability to cool your home or office. This is usually measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). Put simply, the larger your home, the greater the BTUs.

How Difficult Is The Project

Things like blown-in installation, small, difficult to reach attics and other factors like for example the potential need for construction work to install ducts all play a massive role in determining the price you’ll eventually pay for your new HVAC installation.

What Brand You Want Your Unit To Be

It goes without saying that there’s a plethora of HVAC brands out there, some of them being more economical than others. This will affect your installation cost. One good rule of thumb that’s useful here is that the HVAC contractor you will choose to install your unit is more important than the brand you’ll choose, so whatever you do choose wisely.