Signs It’s Time for Air Conditioning Service in Cypress, TX!

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It’s hard to tell when your air conditioner needs service. It doesn’t always break down and you might not notice any difference in how it performs day-to-day. But there are a few signs that it is time for air conditioning service in Cypress, TX:

1. The compressor makes loud noises or rattles:

The compressor is a loud component in the air conditioner, but when it starts rattling or banging around inside your system that usually means something is wrong. In this case, plan for AC repair services in Cypress, TX right away to prevent further damage and costly repairs down the line!

2. There is rust on the inside of the unit:

Rust is a sure sign that you have corrosion problems in your AC system. The rust usually comes from moisture or water leaks which are caused by an improper seal at the seams of windows and doors, missing insulation around pipes that run into the unit, broken seals on access panels/covers, etc. Some signs to look for include peeling paint near vents, condensation inside rooms with no humidity sources (such as bathrooms), dirty evaporator coils covered in dust & dirt build-up where air flows through them after being conditioned.

The first step to solving any problem with your AC unit is diagnosing it correctly so be observant! If you can’t see anything obvious right away then call the experts for help before other symptoms start to pop up.

3. Freon level has gone below the optimal range:

Freon is a refrigerant used in almost all air conditioners and as it breaks down over time, less of this material can effectively cool your home. In these cases, the AC system will have to work harder which puts stress on its components and causes them to wear out faster than normal. That’s why having an HVAC professional check/fill freon levels at least once a year for your unit is essential!

4. When running, the condenser fan blades make a humming sound instead of a buzzing noise:

A buzzing noise coming from the condenser fan blades on your AC unit is common and means there’s probably some dust/debris obstructing them. You can try to clean this yourself or call an air conditioning maintenance company in Cypress, TX for help if you’re not sure what part of the system it belongs in.

However, a humming sound usually signals that something else might be up with the motor like faulty wiring connections, loose parts (such as screws), etc. If you hear any unusual sounds coming from your AC then do not attempt the repairs yourself! Call us instead so we can come out & diagnose it for free before anything goes wrong.

If you need AC installation in Spring, TX, be sure to call Crossway Mechanical. Our team of experts can help with any size project and we will get the job done right the first time. We offer a wide range of services from emergency 24-hour service to routine maintenance for your existing equipment. Call us today at (832) 250-6191 if you have questions or would like more information on our offerings!