System Performance: Rated vs Delivered

System Performance: Total (Rated) System Output VS Delivered Output

The performance of your HVAC system is bound to affect a plethora of aspects in your home or business. Even if the system is partly malfunctioning, you are going to have to deal with mild to severe repercussions on property health to energy efficiency and everything in between. That said, we must take into account that the performance of your HVAC system is just one of the factors that come into play in this scenario. Your system may as well be producing the rated output just fine, but the actual delivered end result may differ due to other reasons. Some of them may be under your control, while others may not.

Factors Affecting Thermal Comfort

There are several factors influencing the so-called thermal comfort. You don’t have to be an engineer to fully grasp this concept. You already know more than you can imagine about thermal comfort from your daily life experience. For example, you know that physical exertion causes you to sweat. You also know that you tend to feel more comfortable in a cool space if you wear a jacket. You have already observed first-hand how the heat emanating from a fire can keep you comfortable and warm when you need it the most. Consequently, you have experience of the 7 things that affect thermal comfort. These are split into 3 distinct categories, individual, personal and environmental.


  • Expectation


  • Clothing
  • Activity level


  • Air temperature
  • Radiant temperature
  • Speed of air
  • Humidity level

Whether or not your HVAC system is working at its optimal capacity you need to be aware of how this may affect your indoor air quality, the health of your property, the need for maintenance, energy efficiency and last but not least the comfort of all occupants.

If you would like to ensure top-tier HVAC system performance follow this short guide:

  • Always follow best practices and protocols
  • Keep track of your maintenance schedule
  • Conduct system inspections in regular intervals
  • Clean your equipment before you observe any malfunctions
  • Do not neglect filter changes
  • Do not forget to have a professional calibrate your system
  • Service your equipment when you need to

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