What is included in Heater Maintenance in Jersey Village, TX?

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Are you wondering if you need to service your heater? Then read on because this article will cover what is included in heater maintenance in Jersey Village, TX.

What exactly does heater maintenance include?

A heating system should be checked regularly for any malfunctions, damages, and issues that may arise. Examples of these are corroded elements, dirty coils, or a blocked flue. Some of the important things that need to be checked during water heater maintenance services in Jersey Village, TX are as follows:

  • The safety switch, which activates when the temperature gets too high or low. If it gets damaged then it will not turn off if it is too cold or too hot.
  • The pilot light, which controls whether the flame is lit or not. This is done by use of a switch and must be checked to ensure it has not gone out or that there was no build-up of any dirt on it.
  • The flue, which controls the airflow into the system. This may need cleaning if there is a build-up of dirt and grime inside it.
  • The controls, which are the dials and buttons that control the different functions of the system. If they need to be repaired or replaced as they have been damaged, then this must be done by a professional engineer from your local heating company.
In addition to checking on all these things, proper service may include: 
  • Changing filters on heaters that require them
  • Lubricating motors if they need doing
  • Adding refrigerant if it needs topping up. This helps with keeping the pressure at optimum levels
  • Replacing parts that have been damaged or have broken down as switches, sensors, and fans may need replacing.

Replacing parts such as these requires a great amount of skill and experience as they can be very dangerous if not carried out correctly. This is why it is important to use an engineer from your local heating company, who has been properly trained and knows exactly what they are doing. Crossway Mechanical is an expert in heater installation in Woodlands, TX. If you are looking for an experienced professional, you should call (832) 906-8610.