Heater Maintenance in Conroe, TX!

So you’ve been noticing that your heater is not keeping up with the cold weather, and it’s time to schedule heater maintenance in Conroe, TX. Well, you should get in touch with Crossway Mechanical, your local heating expert. Whether you have a heat pump or forced air furnace, our professional technicians can handle your heater maintenance needs. Call us today at (832) 639-6419 for more information!

When to Schedule Heater Maintenance in Conroe, TX?

There are several signs that indicate it is time for heater maintenance in Conroe, TX.

Excessive noise: A loud noise coming from the heater is not normal. It could mean that your unit needs repair or maintenance work. The technicians at Crossway Mechanical can investigate the issue and give you peace of mind.

Problems with Thermostat: Do you feel like your house takes too long to heat up? This could indicate a bigger problem with your thermostat or its wiring. Give us a call, and we can inspect these parts for you.

Lower than usual heating capacity: Your heater should keep your house warm during the winter months. If it is not performing as well as it usually does, then there could be an issue with the motor or the fan that pushes hot air into your house.

Leaking combustion gasses: This is a dangerous problem. If your heat pump or furnace is leaking any amount of flue gases into your house, then you need to give us a call and get it checked by one of our technicians right away! Flue gas contains carbon monoxide (CO), which can be deadly if you inhale enough of it.

Smells funny: You should never ever smell anything other than the usual heating unit smells when your furnace is running. If you start noticing the smell of burning rubber or hear a strange noise coming from your heater, call us immediately!

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